Armadale Arts Festival, 29 April - 15 May 2022

The Armadale Arts Festival is a creative program of live music, urban art, dance, literature and arts and crafts, all showcasing the incredible talent coming from this region.


Bree Hartley

Bree Hartley has been a practitioner of the arts (music and theatre) since childhood with family singing, early music lessons and opportunities to take part in childhood stage shows. Continuing this love through her schooling she was in the music program at Kelmscott Senior High School and took part in their biannual musical productions.

Deciding to forgo a formal career on stage, she has instead opted to dedicate herself to creating opportunities in the community for people to engage with the performing arts as a school teacher, choir coordinator/conductor and community theatre group member and leader. She has been volunteering with the Roleystone Theatre since 1997 and has been a primary school music specialist in the local area since 2009.

Bree was honoured to be selected as a joint recipient of the City of Armadale Citizen of the Year for 2020, and was also a nominee for this award in 2018. It is with much joy that Bree has accepted the role of Armadale Arts Festival Artist for 2022, with the chance to share her love of performing arts, but more importantly to coordinate a project with community at its very heart.